Let's get it started.

Our main focus from the start was the create a simple to use system for businesses to upload their products and services and for customers to buy effortlessly. Once you setup your account with us and launch your Collect website in under 30 minutes, the below steps are what happens next!

Step 1

Your customer places an order on your website. You will receive your orders by text message and by email.

Step 2

Click on the link in the text or email and you will see the order and the time the customer has chosen to collect the order. All you do is click accept and this will text and email the customer back that everything is good to go for collection.

Step 3

Once they collect their order, they will automatically get another text and email thanking them for their order. "Thanks for your order with The Invite Hub and for supporting a local business. We really appreciate the business. Hope to see you again soon."